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Intercity taxi: transfer from Kovel to Kyiv

Intercity taxi is a convenient and fast way of moving between cities. Let’s consider the features of a transfer by intercity taxi from Kovel to Kyiv.

The distance between Kovel and Kyiv is more than 400 km. Transportation time depends on road conditions and the number of stops. Usually, you can take a taxi from Kovel to Kyiv in 5-6 hours.

Advantages of a car transfer

The main advantages of a long-distance taxi compared to a bus and a train:

  • Flexible schedule: you can order a taxi at any time convenient for you.
  • Speed: the car goes straight without stops or transfers.
  • Convenience: the possibility to order a taxi with comfortable conditions.

The price of an intercity taxi

The price of a long-distance taxi depends on the number of kilometers traveled and the tariffs of the carrier. If the cost of one kilometer is 16 hryvnias, then the cost of a trip from Kovel to Kyiv will be about 6,400 hryvnias.

The fastest route

There are several routes from Kovel to Kyiv, but the most effective is to drive along the M07 highway. This route has better road conditions and allows for higher speeds.

Places of rest and architectural monuments

In Kovel, you can visit the “Lvivska Brama” museum-reserve, the “Green Grove” culture and recreation park, and the monument to Vyacheslav Chornovol.

Regarding the price of a long-distance taxi from Kyiv to Kovel, if the cost of one kilometer is 16 hryvnias, the cost of the trip will be about 2,250 hryvnias. However, it is important to remember that the price may vary depending on the selected taxi service and the additional services you order.

Which road is the fastest? The fastest route from Kyiv to Kovel runs through the M07 highway, which passes through Zhytomyr and Rivne. The distance between Kyiv and Kovel is about 440 kilometers, which takes about 6 hours by car.

The main advantages of a car transfer compared to a bus or train:

  • A more flexible transportation schedule. A taxi can pick you up from anywhere and at any time, allowing you to plan your trip based on your needs and wishes.
  • Comfortable conditions. In a taxi, you can use air conditioning, enjoy a panoramic view from the window and have more space for yourself and your belongings.
  • More safe. In a taxi, you will travel with only one driver who has extensive driving experience and appropriate insurance. In addition, additional safety measures can be provided in taxis, such as disinfecting the cabin before each customer.

Kovel and Kyiv are two interesting cities of Ukraine, which have many famous places for recreation and sightseeing of architectural monuments.

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