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Kiev - Pavlograd

Intercity taxi transfer is a convenient and fast way of transportation between Pavlograd and Kyiv

In this text, I will tell you about the features of this transfer, the distance and travel time, the advantages of a taxi compared to a bus and train, the cost of a long-distance taxi from Kyiv to Pavlograd, as well as the most popular places of rest, architectural monuments and businesses in these cities.

Features of a transfer by intercity taxi from Pavlograd to Kyiv:

  • Convenient choice of place and time of travel;
  • Fast and safe carrier;
  • Comfortable conditions in the car;
  • Possibility of stops during the trip;

It is possible to order a taxi in advance.

Distance and time of the taxi ride from Kyiv to Pavlograd:

  1. The distance between Kyiv and Pavlograd is about 389 km;
  2. The taxi ride from Kyiv to Pavlograd takes about 5-6 hours.

Advantages of a car transfer compared to a bus or train:

The fastest route from Kyiv to Pavlograd runs through the M-04 highway, also known as “Dnipro”. This is the shortest and fastest route between these cities, which is about 410 kilometers long. Taxi travel time may depend on traffic conditions, but on average it will take about 4-5 hours.

  • Flexibility and comfort: the passenger can stop for rest, eat, visit places of interest along the way or change the route at will;
  • Time: a car transfer takes less time, as there is no need to wait for public transport and change train or bus routes;
  • Comfort: A car can be more comfortable than other forms of transport, providing the passenger with more private and personal space.

The price of a long-distance taxi from Kyiv to Pavlograd

If the cost of one kilometer is 16 hryvnias, then the cost of a trip from Kyiv to Pavlograd will be about 6,560 hryvnias (410 km * 16 hryvnias/km).

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