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Kiev - Warsaw

What is your favorite place in Warsaw? There is no such? So it’s time, taking a taxi Kiev Warsaw from Y-line, to visit this European capital and enjoy not only its architecture, history, but also the atmosphere.

Advantages of a transfer from Kyiv to Warsaw by taxi

In general, a taxi transfer from Ukraine to Poland has many advantages. Here are the main ones:

  • Convenience: Using a taxi offers the convenience of door-to-door service. You won’t have to worry about navigating public transportation or dealing with switching between multiple modes of transportation.
  • Flexibility: A taxi allows you to travel on your own schedule. You can choose your departure time and make stops along the way if necessary.
  • Comfort: Taxis tend to provide a more comfortable and private journey compared to buses or trains. You can relax, stretch out, and enjoy the trip. And also, you can not be distracted by the route or the map because the drivers know their business.
  • Direct route: A taxi can take you directly from your starting point to your destination, potentially reducing travel time compared to other modes of transport that may involve transfers or waiting times.
  • Taxis usually have plenty of luggage space, which is important for international travel where you may have large and heavy bags.
  • Language barrier: If you do not speak Polish, a taxi driver who speaks your language can be very helpful in communicating and navigating with Poles.

Advantages of choosing the Y-Line company for international taxi transfer

  1. The Y-Line company has a reputation as a reliable partner for international taxi transportation, which is confirmed by 12 years of experience in the field of transfers.
  2. Y-Line hires professional drivers with 8 years of driving experience. This is a guarantee of safer and more comfortable trips.
  3. Reputable companies like ours tend to prioritize punctuality and reliability, ensuring you get to your destination on time. Punctuality is our priority when working with clients.
  4. Customer service is extremely flexible. Offer your own transport format and build routes. Y-Line can offer quality customer service, helping you with any queries or concerns before, during, and after your trip.
  5. The fleet of vehicles includes more than 20 vehicles. Y-Line can offer a variety of vehicle options to suit your needs, such as different seating capacities and 5 levels of comfort.

Tariffs for international transportation by taxi

The price of international taxi services may vary depending on factors such as distance, type of vehicle, and local laws. Also, the price may be affected by the number of seats and the volume of luggage. We recommend that you contact Y-Line directly or visit their website for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Payment is calculated depending on the mileage between cities that will have to be covered. We multiply the cost of one kilometer by the distance to get the final cost. The distance between Warsaw and Kyiv is approximately 816 kilometers. Here are the taxi fares:

  • STANDARD from €0.5;
  • BUSINESS €0.7;
  • VIP: €0.9;
  • MINIVANS €0.8;
  • Microbusses: €1.2.

Taxi price: Kyiv Warsaw

Here is the approximate price of a transfer from Warsaw to Kyiv:

  • Comfort from €550;
  • BUSINESS €650;
  • VIP: €900;
  • MINIVANS: €900.

WARNING! To find out the exact cost, call the operator of the company.

Formats of transportation that the company can offer

Y-Line can offer different transfer formats, for example:

  • Standard Taxi: A regular sedan or minivan for individual or small group travel. In this format, you can flexibly build your own route.
  • VIP: high-class cars with additional features for a more luxurious travel experience, such as a larger luggage compartment and a spacious interior.
  • Group transfer: larger vehicles (minibuses and minivans from 7 to 18 seats) are suitable for large groups traveling together.
  • Airport transfers: convenient transfers to and from airports. Usually this is a direct transfer from the airports “Chopin”, “Modlin, and “Boryspil” and “Zhulyany” in Kyiv.

The optimal transfer route Warsaw-Kyiv

The optimal route may depend on factors such as road conditions, traffic, and personal preferences. In general, the most common route will be driving the highways of Ukraine E373 and Poland S17, S19 through cities such as Lviv, Rivne, and Lublin. However, road conditions and construction can affect the best route, so we recommend checking with your navigation app or local taxi service for the most up-to-date information. The total distance is 816 kilometers. The approximate travel time is 10 hours.

Additional services of the taxi carrier company

Y-Line can offer such additional services as:

  • Meeting at the airport: meeting at the airport with a sign and assistance with luggage;
  • Multilingual Drivers: Drivers who speak multiple languages for better communication;
  • Custom Stops: Allowing you to make stops for sightseeing, food, or rest;
  • Online booking: convenient online booking platforms;
  • 24/7 service: 24/7 availability for bookings and inquiries;
  • Baby chair, buying flowers, etc.

Please note that the specifics of additional services may vary, so it is important to contact your Y-Line operator directly for exact details.

About the route

  • Transfer price: 550 euro (specify the price);
  • Distance: 788 km;
  • Travel time: 10 hours 30 min.

Order a taxi can be by these numbers:

  • +38 (098) -090-5355
  • +38 (095) -857-6128


  • +38 (098) -090-5355


  • +38 (098) -090-5355


Traveling with our drivers by taxi between the cities of Kiev Warsaw is not just fast and safe, but also the most convenient. In cars there are air conditioners that allow you to make a transfer Kiev Warsaw comfortable even in the hottest summer.

Our advantages

Intercity taxi Kiev Warsaw from our company is a great deal. We have fixed tariffs, so comparing prices for a taxi in Ukraine, it is easy to understand that we offer the services that are among the best in price. By the way, we can calculate the cost of a long-distance taxi on our website:

  • Vinnitsa;
  • Mariupol;
  • Nikolaev, and also a long-distance taxi Kiev in any direction.

Taxi Kiev Warsaw is served around the clock, you can choose its class yourself. There are passenger cars, minivans, and minibuses in our fleet. Therefore, if you plan to see the whole capital of Poland, we are ready to provide a long-distance taxi Kiev Warsaw, even for 23 people.

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Our advantages

We will inform you in advance of the fixed cost of your long-distance trip

One day before the trip, you will find out the make of the car and data on the driver

You can adjust the departure time in advance, as it is convenient for you

Canceling an order does not oblige you to anything, you just need to call the control room

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