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Mykolaiv - Kiev

Passenger transportation by taxi: Convenience and Efficiency

Passenger transportation by taxi has become an integral part of the modern way of moving. They provide convenience, speed and comfort, especially in intercity trips. Let’s consider the features of a transfer by intercity taxi from Kyiv to Mykolaiv.

Intercity transfer: Kyiv – Mykolaiv

  • Time and distance: The distance between Kyiv and Mykolaiv is about 470 kilometers. Depending on traffic conditions and speed, taxi travel time can be approximately 5-7 hours.
    • Advantages of car transfer: Car transfer has several advantages compared to other types of transport:
    • Route flexibility: You can choose the optimal route, including rest stops and sightseeing.
    • Convenience: You can choose a comfortable car depending on your needs and desires.
    • Privacy: When traveling by taxi, you can enjoy privacy and comfort without unnecessary co-passengers.

The price of an intercity taxi:

The price of a long-distance taxi is calculated based on the cost of one kilometer. For the cost of 16 hryvnias per kilometer, the cost of the trip can be approximately:

Distance: 470 km Price per km: 16 hryvnias Cost: 470 km * 16 hryvnias/km = 7520 hryvnias

Optimal route:

The choice of route plays an important role in the speed and convenience of travel. The fastest route can be via the M14.

Places of rest and attractions:

  • Kyiv: The capital of Ukraine offers many architectural monuments worth visiting, such as St. Sophia Cathedral, Independence Square, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.
    • Mykolaiv: Mykolaiv is famous for its embankment, the Decembrist cellars and the Sudakin monument.


  1. Kyiv: The capital is home to numerous companies, restaurants, and shopping centers that offer a variety of services and entertainment.
    1. Mykolaiv: Mykolaiv is known for its shipbuilding industry and processing of agricultural products.

Intercity taxi transfer is a convenient way to travel, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and visit interesting places along the way.

Choosing a Taxi: A Smart Step

When choosing a long-distance taxi for your trip from Kyiv to Mykolaiv, it is important to consider several aspects:

  • Convenience: Intercity taxi allows you to travel stress-free, arrange stops as desired and choose the optimal travel schedule.
    • Comfort: The choice of car and its class depends on your needs and wishes. You can enjoy privacy and comfort while traveling.
    • Time: The speed of car travel saves time compared to buses or trains. This way, you can spend more time relaxing or exploring new places.
    • Shared costs: If you are traveling in a group, a long-distance taxi can be a more economical option, as the cost is shared among all passengers.

General conclusions

Intercity taxi is a profitable and convenient way to travel between cities. It allows you to combine the speed of car travel with the comfort and flexibility of the route. At the same time, you get the opportunity to visit interesting places along the way, enjoying the trip to the fullest.

Thus, choosing a long-distance taxi from Kyiv to Mykolaiv, you get a number of advantages that make your trip comfortable, exciting and efficient.

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