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Sumy - Kiev

Passenger transportation by taxi: Intercity transfer from Kyiv to Sumy

Features of the intercity taxi transfer from Kyiv to Sumy, including travel time and distance between these cities. Consider the advantages of a taxi compared to a bus or train. We find out the price of an intercity taxi from Sumy, taking into account the cost of one kilometer. We will also discuss the fastest route and mention the most popular vacation spots, architectural monuments, and businesses in these cities.

Distance and travel time:

The distance between Kyiv and Sumy is approximately 330 kilometers.

Usually, a taxi ride between these cities takes about 4-5 hours, depending on road conditions and traffic.

Advantages of a car transfer compared to a bus or train:

  • Flexible schedule: You can choose a convenient departure and arrival time according to your needs.
    • Convenience: In the taxi, you will have a comfortable seat and legroom, which will allow you to rest during the trip.
    • Direct route: Intercity taxi can go directly to the destination without unnecessary stops and transfers, which reduces travel time.

The price of a long-distance taxi from Sumy:

Cost calculation: Depending on the cost of one kilometer (16 hryvnias), you can estimate the cost of the trip.

Calculation: 330 km * 16 hryvnias/km = 5,280 hryvnias (this is an approximate cost that may change depending on the chosen taxi service and road conditions).

The fastest route:

Route through Nizhyn: One of the fastest routes can be through Nizhyn, given the quality roads and more direct route.

The most popular places of rest and attractions:

  • Kyiv: Kyiv has many attractions, such as St. Sophia Cathedral, Independence Square, Lavra and others.
    • Sumy: The Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Sumy Regional Art Museum, and walks in the Sumy Park can be highlighted among the sights of Sumy.

Businesses in these cities:

  • Kyiv: Kyiv is a pole of many industries, education, culture and innovation. The city is home to large enterprises in the field of information technologies, financial services, production and other industries.
    • Sumy: Sumy has a developed machine-building and food industry, as well as educational institutions and scientific centers.

Such features of an intercity taxi transfer from Kyiv to Sumy, including travel time, cost and advantages compared to a bus or train, make a taxi a convenient option for comfortable and fast travel between these cities.

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