Transcarpathia is a paradise for tourists, because it is here that you can not only relax, but also improve your health. Getting to this part of Ukraine will allow intercity taxi from the company Your line.

Intercity taxi in Berehove is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Transcarpathian region — the most convenient and safe way to get to this town.

Taxi numbers in Berehove are easy to find, for example, Star Taxi, a very popular taxi there. But if you need prices – call us! For example, the cost of a taxi Coast – Mukachevo some 260 hryvnia.

Transfer price to Beregovo

Attention, below is the approximate price taking into account the shortest route, the cost of fuel, the exchange rate at the time of writing the article. To find out the exact cost of the transfer to Beregovo, call the number listed on the site. The driver will explain all the nuances and declare the final cost.

City Distance (km) Price (UAH)
Lviv 260 2340
Ternopil 388 3492
Ivano-Frankivsk 262 2358
Uzhhorod 69 621
Kiev 802 7218
Vinnytsia 617 5553
Dnieper 1201 10809
Odessa 921 8289
Kharkiv 1287 11583
Zaporizhzhia 1264 11376
Transfer from Khmelnitsky to Europe
Krakow 371 5265
Warsaw 587 8505
Budapest 316 4440
Vienna 587 8505
Berlin 968 14220
Rome 1555 23025
Milan 1308 19320
Paris 1850 27450
Bratislava 518 7470

Car parks

In Your Line car fleet there is a wide variety of transport, which allows you to choose the best taxi option in Berehove:

  • cars, ideal for long-distance taxis, if traveling with a family of three;
  • Modern minivans, easily accommodating up to eight people. Such a long-distance taxi in Berehove will be a rational solution for a small company of 2-3 married couples with or without children;
  • comfortable minibuses with an increased number of passenger seats. Such a taxi is inexpensive and convenient for a whole group of tourists. Often, a long-distance taxi in Berehove is preferred by minibus for summer and winter corporate events, team building in a non-working environment. Taxi service is also relevant if it is necessary to transport not only tourists, but also important equipment.

Taxi service from Your line — carefully selected routes, taking into account the workload of routes. Traveling in this way does not need to call Kosino separately.

You can learn all the important information and read reviews by visiting the website of a taxi company.

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