Who has never been Ukrainian Carpathians, it’s time to call a long-distance taxi in Bukovel. For those who want to feel the power and beauty of nature, the taxi company Your line provides a diverse fleet: cars, minivans, modern minibuses with all the conditions. All taxi cars in excellent condition, they are driven by professional drivers, so the transfer to Bukovel will be interesting, pleasant, safe.

For example, an operator will help you easily calculate the cost of a long-distance taxi along the most popular routes:

  • Kiev – Bukovel
  • Ternopil – Bukovel
  • Chernivtsi – Bukovel
  • Vorokhta – Bukovel
  • Tatarov – Bukovel

Which route to choose

To get to this beautiful place will allow an ordinary taxi to Bukovel directly from your city. If the distance is too large or a tourist group from another country, it is easy to use another service from Your line — call a low-cost taxi from the airport. It is relevant in many cities of Ukraine. The most popular taxi option from Lviv, which can be ordered online using the return form or by phone. Taxi number is listed there.

Transfer prices at Taxi in Bukovel

Destination Bukovel Distance (km)  Time on the road (hour) Cost (UAH)
Taxi Bukovel Krakow (Poland, airport) 560 km 7 ч. 23 min. 6570
Taxi Bukovel Warsaw (Poland, airport) 628 km 9 ч. 33 min. 7710
Taxi Bukovel Rzeszow (Poland, airport) 405 km 5 ч. 58 min. 3645
Taxi Bukovel Vinnitsa 420 km 7 ч. 3 min. 3780
Taxi Bukovel Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) 999 km 15 ч. 36 min. 8991
Taxi Bukovel Donetsk 1 262 km 19 ч. 50 min. 11358
Taxi Bukovel Zhytomyr 500 km 7 ч. 36 min. 4500
Taxi Bukovel Zaporozhye 1 062 km 16 ч.19 min. 9558
Taxi Bukovel Ivano-Frankivsk 102 km 1 час. 58 min. 918
Taxi Bukovel Kiev 40,7 km 55 min. 366,3
Taxi Bukovel Yaremche 40,7 km 55 min. 366,3
Taxi Bukovel Kropivnitsky (Kirovograd) 748 km 11 ч. 45 min. 6732
Taxi Bukovel Lutsk 378 km 5 ч. 50 min. 3402
Taxi Bukovel Mariupol 1 343 km 19 ч. 41 min. 12087
Taxi Bukovel Melitopol 1 155 km 17 ч. 6 min. 10395
Taxi Bukovel Mykolayiv 857 km 13 ч. 8 min. 7713
Taxi Bukovel Odessa 861 km 12 ч. 51 min. 7749
Taxi Bukovel Poltava 979 km 13 ч. 28 min. 8811
Taxi Bukovel Rovno 379 km 5 ч. 57 min. 3411
Taxi Bukovel Sumy 975 km 14 ч. 0 min. 8775
Taxi Bukovel Ternopil 224 km 3 ч. 46 min. 2016
Taxi Bukovel Uzhgorod 260 km 4 ч. 51 min. 2340
Taxi Bukovel Solotvino 95,4 km 1 час. 54 min. 858,6
Taxi Bukovel Uman 578 km 9 ч. 37 min. 5202
Taxi Bukovel Kharkiv 1 116 km 15 ч. 20 min. 10044
Taxi Bukovel Kherson 923 km 14 ч. 1 min. 8307
Taxi Bukovel Khmelnitsky 305 km 5 ч. 16 min. 2745
Taxi Bukovel Cherkasy 774 km 11 ч. 51 min. 6966
Taxi Bukovel Chernihiv 790 km 11 ч. 19 min. 7110
Taxi Bukovel Chernivtsi 166 km 2 ч. 57 min. 1494

Intercity taxi in Bukovel is always in excellent technical condition. Intercity taxi must be carefully checked before the trip. Taxi service is obtained as safe as possible. 

Intercity taxi guarantees not only the quality of the trip, but its timeliness. Taxi service Your line is one of the best options for a trip to Bukovel, which is confirmed by feedback from regular customers.

Taxi transfer price from Europe to Bukovel

Please note below is the approximate price including the shortest route, the cost of fuel, the exchange rate at the time of writing. To find out the exact price of transfer to Bukovel, call the number on the site. The driver will explain all the nuances and announce the final cost.

Transfer from Europe to Bukovel

Distance (km) Price (UAH)
Taxi Bukovel-Krakow 558 6570
Taxi Bukovel-Warsaw 634 7710
Taxi Bukovel-Budapest 520 6000
Taxi Bukovel-Vienna 789 10035
Taxi Bukovel-Berlin 1155 15525
Taxi Bukovel-Rome 1754 24510
Taxi Bukovel-Milan 1497 20655
Taxi Bukovel-Paris 2096 29640
Taxi Bukovel-Bratislava 747 9405

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