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Dnepropetrovsk is one of the important business centers, so long-distance taxis in the Dnipro are particularly popular. Most often, business trips are made to individual employees or a whole group, for which you may need an optimal taxi to Dnepropetrovsk.

Taxi services in this city provide different companies:

  • a dozen taxis;
  • Taxi Dnepr 838;

But, only using a long-distance taxi from Your line, which also performs transfers in the Dnepropetrovsk region, you can get the highest quality service, absolute security and an inexpensive solution to the problem.

For example, we can serve the following directions:

  • Kiev;
  • Pavlograd;
  • Kharkov;
  • Dnipro.

Taxi transfer from Dnipro to Ukraine and Europe

Destination destinationDistance (km)Travel time (hours)Cost (UAH)
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Krakow (Poland, airport)1350 km16 . 30 min.21600
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Warsaw (Poland, airport)1265 km16 . 25 min.20240
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Rzeszow (Poland, airport)1195 km15 . 7 min.19120
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Lviv1027 km13 . 3 min.16432
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Vinnitsa565 km8 . 53 min.9040
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Donetsk264 km4 . 24 min.4224
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Zhytomyr626 km8 . 24 min.10016
Taxi Dnipro Zaporozhye85 km1 . 30min.1360
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Ivano-Frankivsk938 km14 . 30 min.15008
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Bukovel987 km15 . 44 min.15792
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Yaremche949 km14 . 59 min.15184
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Kropivnitsky (Kirovograd)244 km3 . 57 min.3904
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Lutsk885 km11 . 34 min.14160
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Mariupol319 km5 . 22 min.5104
Taxi Dnipro Kiev488 km6 . 37 min.7808
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Nikolaev321 km6 . 30 min.5136
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Odessa454 km8 . 30 min.7264
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Poltava198 km2 . 57 min.3168
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Rivne813 km10 . 19 min.13008
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Sumy345 km5 . 32 min.5520
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Ternopil807 km12 . 21 min.12912
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Uzhgorod1297 km16 . 52 min.20752
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Solotvyno1072 km17 . 21 min.17152
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Uman414 km6 . 26 min.6624
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Kharkiv218 km3 .9 min.3488
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Kherson329 km5 . 49 min.5264
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Khmelnitsky691 km10 . 42 min.11056
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Cherkasy280 km4 . 48 min.4480
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Chernihiv553 km7 . 45 min.8848
Taxi Dnipropetrovsk Chernivtsi823 km13 . 18 min.13168

How to order

Intercity taxi in Dnipro is easy to order on the company’s website. There is a taxi number that you can contact to clarify the route, all the details and cost. By the way, a long-distance taxi fare is fixed, which is one of the advantages. Taxi service provides a wide range of vehicles. You can choose among passenger taxis standard cars, business or VIP class or modern minivans. Large groups of tourists, employees of companies will deliver to the Dnipro a long-distance taxi minibus, which has all the necessary conditions for the trip.

Reviews of regular customers confirm that the taxi company provides excellent service in terms of safety and comfort. Such a taxi in Dnipro online is a team of real professionals.

Our advantages

We will inform you in advance of the fixed cost of your long-distance trip

One day before the trip, you will find out the make of the car and data on the driver

You can adjust the departure time in advance, as it is convenient for you

Canceling an order does not oblige you to anything, you just need to call the control room


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