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There are at least 10 reasons to visit Kharkov — one of the largest cities in Eastern Ukraine. And our service — a long-distance taxi Kharkov — one of them. Taking advantage of the offer, you can quickly, comfortably and safely get to this city to see the unique zoos, the oldest cinema in Ukraine, as well as the perfect combination of the past with the future.

Order a taxi can be by these numbers:

  • +38 (098) -090-5355
  • +38 (095) -857-6128


  • +38 (098) -090-5355


  • +38 (098) -090-5355

Kharkiv intercity taxi is also suitable for those who are awaiting a business meeting, an important celebration and even a wedding. In our fleet there are cars that are suitable for different events and the number of passengers:

  • standard comfort cars that make long-distance taxis comfortable and safe;
  • business class transport to meet important partners;
  • VIP cars that can become relevant not only as a regular transfer, but also for such important events as a wedding or birthday.

Taxi transfer rates from Kharkiv to Ukraine

DirectionDistancePrice (hrv)
Taxi Kharkov – Boryspil 441 км7056
Taxi Kharkov – Zhulyany481 км7696
taxi Kharkov – Truskavets1113км17808
taxi Kharkov – Warsaw1262 км20192
taxi Kharkov – Krakow1340 км21440
Taxi Kharkov – Odessa678 км10848
Taxi Kharkov – Odessa195 км3120
Taxi Kharkov – Kherson615 км9840
Taxi Kharkov – Bakhmut225 км3600
Taxi Kharkov – Berdyansk487 км7792
Taxi Kharkov – Boryspil468 км7488
Taxi Kharkov – Vinnitsa740 км11840
Taxi Kharkov – Dnipro205 км3280
Taxi Kharkov – Donetsk296 км4736
Taxi Kharkov – Zhytomyr637 км10192
Taxi Kharkov – Zaporozhye307 км4912
Taxi Kharkov – Ivano-Frankivsk1110 км17760
Taxi Kharkov – Kiev486 км7776
Taxi Kharkov – Kyrylivka475 км7600
Taxi Kharkov – Kramatorsk190 км3040
Taxi Kharkov – Krivoy Rog 355 км5680
Taxi Kharkov – Kropyvnytskyi387 км6192
Taxi Kharkov – Bukovel1117 км17872
Taxi Kharkov – Lutsk907 км14512
Taxi Kharkov – Lviv1040 км16640
Taxi Kharkov – Mariupol570 км9120
Taxi Kharkov – Melitopol410 км6560
Taxi Kharkov – Nikolaev710 км11360
Taxi Kharkov – Odessa870 км13920
Taxi Kharkov – Poltava145 км2320
Taxi Kharkov – Exactly810 км12960
Taxi Kharkov – Sevastopol755 км12080
Taxi Kharkov – Simferopol665 км10640
Taxi Kharkov – Slavske1157 км18512
Taxi Kharkov – Sumy215 км3440
Taxi Kharkov – Ternopil899 км14384
Taxi Kharkov – Uzhgorod1350 км21600
Taxi Kharkov – Kherson660 км10560
Taxi Kharkov – Khmelnitsky800 км12800
Taxi Kharkov – Cherkasy400 км6400
Taxi Kharkov – Chernigov580 км9280
Taxi Kharkov – Chernivtsi1050 км16800

Our main advantage

The company Y-Line provides a long-distance taxi service Kharkiv around the clock, so you can order a car at any time of the day. But the most important advantage of our proposal is the fixed cost per kilometer, so it’s much easier to calculate the budget that you need to travel.

Taxi transfer rates from Kharkiv to Europe

Please note below is the approximate price including the shortest route, the cost of fuel, the exchange rate at the time of writing. To find out the exact price of transfer to Kharkiv, call the number listed on the site. The driver will explain all the nuances and announce the final cost.

CityDistance (km)Price (UAH)

Our advantages

We will inform you in advance of the fixed cost of your long-distance trip

One day before the trip, you will find out the make of the car and data on the driver

You can adjust the departure time in advance, as it is convenient for you

Canceling an order does not oblige you to anything, you just need to call the control room


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