The city of Khmelnitsky is associated by all with bargains, ranging from clothing and ending with home goods. But the usual tourist, not planning an active shopping, there will be something to see. Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the Church of St. Anne, the Drama Theater, the Philharmonic Society, the Botanical Garden — all this can be carefully seen if you use the service of our company — the Khmelnitsky intercity taxi.

Transfer price to Khmelnitsky

Attention, below is the approximate price taking into account the shortest route, the cost of fuel, the exchange rate at the time of writing the article. To find out the exact cost of the transfer to Khmelnitsky, call the number listed on the site. The driver will explain all the nuances and declare the final cost.

City  Distance (km)  Price (UAH)
Lviv 240 2160
Ternopil 112 1008
Ivano-Frankivsk 243 2187
Uzhhorod 500 4500
Kiev 324 2916
Vinnytsia 120 1080
Dnieper 704 6336
Odessa 555 4995
Kharkiv 810 7290
Zaporizhzhia 767 6903
Transfer from Khmelnitsky to Europe
Krakow 576 6684
Warsaw 627 7449
Budapest 808 10164
Vienna 1011 13209
Berlin 1173 15639
Rome 2047 28749
Milan 1903 26589
Paris 2114 29754
Bratislava 937 12099

How to order a taxi

You can call a taxi Khmelnitsky intercity on our website. To do this, just take a few simple steps:

  • contact us via e-mail, phone number, which is listed on the site, or use the feedback;
  • select the desired intercity taxi car (passenger, crossover, mini-van or minibus), depending on the number of passengers;
  • create an individual transfer route with the driver, coordinate all the nuances, including the place and time of departure, the address of the final point of the route, the number of travelers;
  • pay for a long-distance taxi Kharkov before the trip, during it or after arrival.

The cost of a taxi is fixed, we can even calculate it knowing the mileage.

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You can adjust the departure time in advance, as it is convenient for you

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