The route to Kiev from Odessa, the Dnieper, Kharkov or Lvov is the most congested direction. Getting to the capital from these cities is difficult, especially during peak periods. But why wait for the train, go in an uncomfortable bus, if you can use the service long-distance taxi to Kiev from Your line. Intercity taxi is easy to order directly from home by visiting the site, where there is all the important information and taxi number. For you, calculate the cost and travel time online. We provide transfers to the following cities:

  • Odessa;
  • Dnieper;
  • Kharkov;
  • Fastov;

A long-distance taxi to Kiev allows you to create an individual route, choose the most convenient option from the fleet, taking into account the number of passengers. At the same time, a long-distance taxi is inexpensive, in no way inferior to other taxi services (for example, Alpha taxi).

Price of transfer to taxi from Kiev

Point of destination Distance (km) Travel time (hour) Cost (UAH)
Taksi Kiev Barishivka 72,8 км 1 год. 5 хв. 655,2
Taxi Kiev Bila Tserkva 90,6 км 1 год. 20 хв. 815,4
Taksi Kiev Boguslav 124 км 1 год. 47 хв. 1116
Taksі Kiev Boryspil 39,2 км 37 хв. 352,8
Taksi Kiev Borodyanka 60,5 км 1 год. 10 хв. 544,5
Taksi Kiev Brovary 24,7 км 30 хв. 222,3
Taksi Kiev Vasilkiv 51,3 км 51 хв. 461,7
Taksi Kiev Vishgorod 20,1 км 23 хв. 180,9
Таксі Київ Іванків 81,9 км 1 год. 15 хв. 737,1
Taxi Kiev Kagarlik 80,8 км 1 год. 4 хв. 727,2
Taksі Kiiv Makariv 59,6 км 56 хв. 536,4
Taxi Kiev Mironivka 107 км 1 год. 28 хв. 963
Taksі Kiev Obukhiv 47,7 км 42 хв. 429,3
Taxi Kiev Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky 89,6 км 1 год. 20 хв. 806,4
Taxi Kiev Rokitne 106 км 1 год. 30 хв. 954
Taksi Kiev Tarashcha 131 км 1 год. 48 хв. 1179
Taksi Kiev Tetіїv 158 км 2 год. 23 хв. 1422
Taksi Kiev Fastiv 79,4 км 1 год. 20 хв. 714,6
Taksi Kiev Yagotin 112 км 1 год. 27 хв. 1008

Our advantages

Taxi company has in its arsenal of modern cars undergoing preventive technical inspection, so any force mature associated with this issue is excluded. A long-distance taxi to Kiev guarantees the timeliness of the trip, its safety.

All drivers are professionals, therefore the taxi service from Your line provides high quality. This is not one positive feedback.

A long-distance taxi performs a transfer to Kiev as one person, as well as the whole group. To do this, there is a fleet;

  • passenger auto different comfort levels;
  • Modern minivans;
  • comfortable minibuses in excellent condition.

Taxi transfer from Kiev to Ukraine

Please note below is the approximate price including the shortest route, the cost of fuel, the exchange rate at the time of writing. To find out the exact transfer price in Kiev, call the number listed on the site. The driver will explain all the nuances and announce the final cost.

Transfer from Kiev to Ukraine

City Distance (km) Price (UAH)
Lviv 540 4860
Ternopil 420 3780
Ivano-Frankivsk 615 5535
Uzhhorod 809 7281
Rivne 328 2952
Vinnytsia 267 2403
Dnieper 481 4329
Odessa 473 4257
Kharkiv 477 4293
Zaporizhzhia 560 5040

Transfer from Kiev  to Europe

Krakow 866 8484
Warsaw 792 7374
Budapest 1117 12249
Vienna 1325 15369
Berlin 1340 15594
Rome 2353 30789
Milan 2093 26889
Paris 2401 31509
Bratislava 1316 15234

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Our advantages

We will inform you in advance of the fixed cost of your long-distance trip

One day before the trip, you will find out the make of the car and data on the driver

You can adjust the departure time in advance, as it is convenient for you

Canceling an order does not oblige you to anything, you just need to call the control room

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