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Transfer to Hungary

Такси в Венгрию

By ordering a transfer Uzhhorod – Budapest in the company “Y-Line”, you will save 10% of the budget. You pay only per kilometer and the fare depends on the class of car you choose. All services are provided free of charge, without which it is difficult to imagine a comfortable and safe trip.

Safe transfer Mukachevo – Budapest with “Y-Line”

In order to make your trip as safe and comfortable as possible, the manager is responsible for the selection of specialists and control over the technical condition of the car. The operator will provide the machine with the required power and configuration.

Такси Украина Венгрия

He will answer all your questions in an accessible form and promptly call you back in case of force majeure.

Drivers must comply with all company requirements, as the safety of passengers depends on them:

  • After each order, the car is delivered to the service station;
  • Timely replacement of parts is controlled by mileage;
  • Put things in order in the salon, order professional dry cleaning.

Phosphate-free cleaners are used, so the car is safe for allergy sufferers.

The price of a transfer to Hungary

Taxi rates

International taxi rates start at 0.50 euros per kilometer. Auto standard-comfort class. Tariffs for the second taxi classes.

  • STANDARD from 0.5€;
  • BUSINESS €0.7;
  • VIP €0.9;
  • PASSED 0.8 €;
  • MICROBUSS 1.2€;
  • Crossovers €0.8.

To calculate the cost of other cars – call us!

Routes from Ukraine to Hungary

  • Uzhgorod – Debrecen;
  • Uzhhorod ‒ Budapest;
  • Mukachevo – Budapest.

Y-Line employs experienced drivers with five years of experience in intercity transportation.

Cheap international taxi to Hungary

Traveling abroad can be expensive, and losses are almost impossible to predict. With Y-Line, these risks are reduced by several times, because an experienced and responsible driver is next to you. It is the company’s policy not to charge additional fees to passengers.

Additional free service

One kilometer costs 16 UAH, depending on the class of car you choose. The amounts are announced immediately and remain the same, so you can easily estimate how much your trip will cost.

Такси в Венгрию

The tariff program includes the following services:

  • Meeting at the station, at the airport with a name plate;
  • stop every 2-3 hours for a snack 30 minutes;
  • assistance with luggage, even non-standard dimensions.

You can complement your taxi transfers to Hungary with a “silent or non-smoking driver”. If you are traveling with children, we will definitely provide you with a car seat that does not have defects.

Economy Taxi from Ukraine to Hungary without currency risk

Y-Line always has the right car and it will be delivered to the address within a few hours. Carriers carefully process orders, send you data about the car and driver.

You can save up to 10% because:

  • If the flight is delayed, you will be calmly waited for an hour in Uzhgorod, Nyiredygazai, etc.;
  • the driver has all the necessary documents, including permission to travel abroad, order a car in both directions, for example, to return to Miskolc, a 50% discount.

You can book a car online via Viber and WhatsApp +38-(098)-090-5355 and by phone +38-(095)-857-6128.


Our advantages

We will inform you in advance of the fixed cost of your long-distance trip

One day before the trip, you will find out the make of the car and data on the driver

You can adjust the departure time in advance, as it is convenient for you

Canceling an order does not oblige you to anything, you just need to call the control room

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