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Europe in Ukraine is located in the city of Uzhgorod — the center of the Transcarpathian region. Using the service of our company Y-Line — long-distance taxi Uzhgorod, you can enjoy the authentic color, narrow streets on the outskirts and a modern center with many fashionable boutiques, an ancient castle, an open-air museum, see the unique plants in the botanical garden. And this is not all places in this city that are definitely worth seeing.

Taxi in the Transcarpathian region from Uzhgorod (Prices 2023)

Check with the operator. The data below is an example.

Final destinationDistance (km)Travel time (hour)Cost (UAH)
Berehovo69,41 hours 12 min.1110,4
Vinogradov93,31 hours 47 min.1492,8
Irshevo79,91 hours 33 min.1278,4
Queen1032 hours 2 min.1648
Mezhhorye1452 hours 29 min.2320
Mukachevo40,641 min.649,6
Rakhov2074 hours 0 min.3312
Svaleva65,91 hours 7 min.1054,4
Solotvino1603 hours 2 min.2560
Hust1062 hours 0 min.1696
Chop25,130 min.401,6

Terms of order Our taxi intercity deliver exactly the address at any time of the day. We carry out a transfer along an individually created route, taking into account the congestion of roads at a certain time of the day, the condition of the route and other equally important nuances from which the comfort of the trip is formed.

Order long-distance taxi Uzhgorod is a snap. Our website has all the necessary contacts — telephones, e-mail. You can also use the feedback to the company representative himself called back.

Prices for taxi transfers from Uzhgorod (2023)

Specify the cost.

Final destinationDistance (km)Travel time (hour)Cost (UAH)
Krakow (Poland, airport)3104 hours. 58 min.4960
Warsaw (Poland, airport)5207 hours. 43 min.8320
Rzeszow (Poland, airport)2273 hours. 51 min.3632
Vinnitsa6259 hours. 9 min.10000
Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk)125816 hours. 37 min.20128
Donetsk156520 hours. 20 min.25040
Zhytomyr6708 hours. 30 min.10720
Zaporizhzhia132117 hours. 20 min.21136
Ivano-Frankivsk2934 hours. 33 min.4688
Bukovel2544 hours. 51 min.4064
Yaremche2845 hours. 27 min.4544
Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovohrad)95313 hours. 51 min.15248
Lutsk4206 hours. 0 min.6720
Mariupol159221 hours. 8 min.25472
Lviv2674 hours. 0 min.4272
Melitopol136019 hours. 12 min.21760
Mykolaiv106215 hours. 15 min.16992
Odesa106614 hours. 57 min.17056
Poltava114814 hours. 5 min.18368
Rivne4806 hours. 31 min.7680
Sumy114414 hours. 37 min.18304
Ternopil3895 hours. 40 min.6224
Kyiv80910 hours. 6 min.12944
Solotvino1603 hours. 2 min.2560
Uman79411 hours. 40 min.12704
Kharkiv128515 hours. 57 min.20560
Kherson112816 hours. 7 min.18048
Khmelnytskyi5027 hours. 15 min.8032
Cherkasy99712 hours. 42 min.15952
Chernihiv95911 hours. 57 min.15344
Chernivtsi4386 hours. 43 min.7008

Calculate the cost of a taxi is easy even by yourself. We have fixed tariffs for each type of transport, so it is enough to know only the exact mileage from the place of departure to the place of arrival.

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We will inform you in advance of the fixed cost of your long-distance trip

One day before the trip, you will find out the make of the car and data on the driver

You can adjust the departure time in advance, as it is convenient for you

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