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Vinnytsia is one of the most romantic cities, so it’s worth to visit everyone, using the service from Your line — a long-distance taxi. Getting a taxi car is easy from almost any locality and an unlimited number of people. For this, a long-distance taxi Vinnitsa from Your line has a wide fleet of vehicles consisting of:

  • from standard cars, business and VIP-class;
  • comfortable minivans;
  • minibuses taxi intercity in the winery increased comfort.

All of them are in excellent technical condition, have all the necessary conditions for a pleasant trip: air conditioning or climate control, comfortable seats in perfect condition, which the taxi service carefully monitors.

How to use the service

You can order a cheap long-distance taxi in Vinnitsa directly on the website of a taxi company using a special form or by phone. Taxi number listed on the main page.

With the help of the driver, you can calculate the cost of a taxi in Ukraine:

  • Kiev;
  • Dnieper;
  • Lviv.

The price of taxi transfers from Vinnitsa

Final destination Distance (km) Travel time (hour) Cost (UAH)
Taxi Vinnitsa Krakow (Poland, airport) 699 km 09.11.2019 11184
Taxi Vinnitsa Warsaw (Poland, airport) 797 km 01.10.1947 12752
Taxi Vinnitsa Rzeszow (Poland, airport) 543 km 01.07.1946 8688
Taxi Vinnitsa Lviv 362 km 01.05.1937 5792
Taxi Vinnitsa Dnipro 571 km 01.08.1952 9136
Taxi Vinnitsa Donetsk 868 km 13.10.2019 13888
Taxi Vinnitsa Zhytomyr 127 km 01.01.1950 2032
Taxi Vinnitsa Zaporozhye 634 km 01.09.1937 10144
Taxi Vinnitsa Ivano-Frankivsk 366 km 01.05.1949 5856
Taxi Vinnitsa Bukovel 407 km 07.09.2019 6512
Taxi Vinnitsa Yaremche 370 km 01.06.2024 5920
Taxi Vinnitsa Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovograd) 320 km 05.02.2019 5120
Taxi Vinnitsa Lutsk 388 km 01.05.2018 6208
Taxi Vinnitsa Mariupol 915 km 13.10.2019 14640
Taxi Vinnitsa Kiev 267 km 01.03.2027 4272
Taxi Vinnitsa Nikolaev 429 km 01.06.2027 6864
Taxi Vinnitsa Odessa 433 km 06.09.2019 6928
Taxi Vinnitsa Poltava 606 km 01.07.1938 9696
Taxi Vinnitsa Rivne 315 km 04.04.2019 5040
Sumy 333 km 08.12.2019 5328
Taxi Vinnitsa Ternopil 602 km 01.05.1948 9632
Taxi Vinnitsa Uzhgorod 586 km 01.09.2024 9376
Taxi Vinnitsa Solotvino 492 km 01.08.1946 7872
Taxi Vinnitsa Uman 161 km 01.02.1946 2576
Taxi Vinnitsa Kharkiv 743 km 01.09.1934 11888
Taxi Vinnitsa Kherson 495 km 01.07.2020 7920
Taxi Vinnitsa Khmelnitsky 119 km 02.01.2019 1904
Taxi Vinnitsa Cherkasy 341 km 01.05.2029 5456
Taxi Vinnitsa Chernigov 410 km 01.05.2027 6560
Taxi Vinnitsa Chernivtsi 269 km 01.04.1942 4304
Taxi Vinnitsa Boryspil 299 km 04.10.2019 4784

Taxi services from Your line have numerous positive reviews, because they combine high quality, safety, pleasant service. Taking advantage of them, it is easy to make a romantic or business trip, see the unique light-music fountain, the museum-estate of Pirogov and not only. And for this all you need is only a long-distance taxi to Vinnitsa.

Our advantages

We will inform you in advance of the fixed cost of your long-distance trip

One day before the trip, you will find out the make of the car and data on the driver

You can adjust the departure time in advance, as it is convenient for you

Canceling an order does not oblige you to anything, you just need to call the control room


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