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Who has not seen Zaporozhye, he lost a lot. Zaporizhia region is one of the most important historical centers of Ukraine, where you can see a lot of interesting things. Independently create a route, and see the maximum of amazing places will allow long-distance taxi in Zaporozhye.

Taxi fare between Ukraine is the best! Our fares are competitive with other carriers. The directions are very diverse, from the cities of the millionaires of Kharkov, the Dnieper, and Kiev to Energodar.

The taxi company Yourline performs trips on individual routes using a taxi car not only of several classes (standard, business, VIP), but also by transport with different passenger capacity:

  • cars for 2-3 people;
  • minivans, if you need a long-distance taxi in Zaporozhye for a small company;
  • minibuses — taxi service for a tourist group or a business trip of company employees.

You can order a cheap long-distance taxi on the website using the feedback form. There is also a taxi number on the page where you can contact the taxi driver.

The price of a taxi transfer from Zaporozhye

Destination Distance (km)Travel time (hours)Cost (UAH)
Taxi Zaporozhye Krakow (Poland, airport)1377 km17 . 44 min.22032
Taxi Zaporozhye Warsaw (Poland, airport)1292 km17 . 40 min.20672
Taxi Zaporozhye Rzeszow (Poland, airport)1221 km16 . 19 min.19536
Taxi Zaporozhye Lviv1053 km14 . 14 min.16848
Taxi Zaporizhia Dnepr231 km3 . 45 min.3696
Taxi Zaporozhye Donetsk232km3 . 46 min.3712
Taxi Zaporozhye Vinnitsa629 km9 . 49 min.10064
Taxi Zaporozhye Zhitomir652 km9 . 32 min.10432
Taxi Zaporozhye Ivano-Frankivsk1002 km15 . 29 min.16032
Taxi Zaporozhye Bukovel1051 km16 . 44 min.16816
Taxi Zaporozhye Yaremche1031 km15 . 59 min.16496
Taxi Zaporozhye Kropivnitsky (Kirovograd)308 km4 . 44 min.4928
Taxi Lutsk912 km12 . 44 min.14592
Taxi Zaporozhye Mariupol271 km4 . 17 min.4336
Taxi Zaporozhye Kiev515 km7 . 47 min.8240
Taxi Zaporozhye Nikolaev349 km6 . 19 min.5584
Taxi Zaporozhye Odessa481 km8 . 22 min.7696
Taxi Zaporozhye Poltava277 km4 . 10 min.4432
Taxi Rivne840 km11 . 29 min.13440
Taxi Zaporozhye Sumy424 km6. 53 min.6784
Taxi Zaporozhye Ternopil871 km13 . 20 min.13936
Taxi Zaporozhye Uzhgorod1323 km18 . 51 min.21168
Taxi Zaporozhye Solotvyno1136 km18 . 24 min.18176
Taxi Zaporozhye Uman478 km7 . 17 min.7648
Taxi Zaporozhye Kharkiv297 km4 . 21 min.4752
Taxi Zaporozhye Kherson355 km5 . 27 min.5680
Taxi Zaporozhye Khmelnitsky754 km11 . 36 min.12064
Taxi Zaporozhye Cherkasy344 km5 . 39 min.5504
Taxi Zaporozhye Chernihiv611 km9 . 3 min.9776
Taxi Zaporozhye Chernivtsi887 km14 . 18 min.14192

Why Your Line

Long-distance taxi in Zaporozhye from Your line — the ability to quickly and safely get to this city from anywhere in Ukraine. Only professionals work in the long-distance taxi, and the cars are in excellent technical condition and have all the necessary amenities. Numerous reviews of regular customers confirm: Your line is the best option.

Our advantages

We will inform you in advance of the fixed cost of your long-distance trip

One day before the trip, you will find out the make of the car and data on the driver

You can adjust the departure time in advance, as it is convenient for you

Canceling an order does not oblige you to anything, you just need to call the control room


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