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Travel Ukraine tourist routes must include Zhytomyr. In this city and its district there is something to see, so the long-distance taxi service to Zhytomyr will be more than relevant. Carefully designed route, which can be discussed directly with the driver of a taxi car, will allow you to see all the most interesting.

With the help of the driver, you can calculate the cost of a taxi in Ukraine:

  • Kiev;
  • Rivne;
  • Lviv

Your line company provides an inexpensive long-distance taxi to Zhytomyr and for business trips. In the fleet there are cars of different classes:

  • standard;
  • business;
  • VIP – for especially important employees or partners from other cities that the intercity taxi will deliver quickly and safely.

For tourist or working groups, the taxi company Your line offers modern minivans and minibuses equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant trip. And most importantly, such a long-distance taxi to Zhytomyr necessarily undergoes preparation for the trip, so force mature is practically excluded.

Prices for a taxi transfer from Zhytomyr

Destination destinationDistance (km)Travel time (hours)Cost (UAH)
Taxi Zhytomyr Krakow (Poland, airport)726 km8 . 31 min.12150
Taxi Zhytomyr Warsaw (Poland, airport)672 km9 . 6 min.11385
Taxi Zhytomyr Rzeszow (Poland, airport)570 km7 . 6 min.10755
Taxi Zhytomyr Lviv402 km5 . 1 min.9243
Taxi Zhytomyr Dnipro625 km8 . 44 min.5085
Taxi Zhytomyr Donetsk871km12 . 18 min.2376
Taxi Zhytomyr Vinnytsia128 km1 . 56 min.5634
Taxi Zhitomir Zaporozhye652 km9 . 36 min.765
Taxi Zhytomyr Ivano-Frankivsk465 km6 . 27 min.8442
Taxi Zhytomyr Bukovel501 km7 . 53 min.8883
Taxi Zhytomyr Yaremche463 km7 . 9 min.8541
Taxi Zhytomyr Kropivnitsky (Kirovograd)398 km6 . 15 min.2196
Taxi Zhytomyr Lutsk261 km3 . 31 min.7965
Taxi Zhytomyr Mariupol963 km13 . 46 min.2871
Taxi Zhytomyr Kiev140 km1 . 51 min.4392
507 km7 . 38 min.2889
Taxi Zhytomyr Mykolaiv510 km7 . 18 min.4086
Taxi Zhitomir Odessa479 km6 . 8 min.1782
Taxi Zhytomyr Poltava188 km2 . 16 min.7317
Taxi Zhytomyr Rivne475 km6 . 44 min.3105
Taxi Zhitomir Sumy280 km4 . 15 min.7263
Taxi Zhytomyr Ternopil672 km8 . 52 min.11673
Taxi Zhytomyr Uzhgorod586 km9 . 33 min.9648
Taxi Zhytomyr Solotvyno235 km3 . 45 min.3726
Taxi Zhytomyr Uman616 km8 .6 min.1962
Taxi Zhytomyr Kharkiv573 km8 . 32 min.2961
Taxi Zhytomyr Kherson183 km2 . 56 min.6219
Taxi Zhytomyr Khmelnytsky328 km4 . 38 min.2520
Taxi Zhytomyr Cherkasy283 km3 . 53 min.4977
Taxi Zhytomyr Chernihiv365 km6 . 7 min.7407

How to make an order

Taxi in Zhytomyr can be ordered on the site. Taxi number is on the main page, which is especially convenient for communication. Taxi service Your line offers to use the online feedback form for communication.

The price of a taxi intercity fixed, which significantly distinguishes it from others. Taxi service is safe and operational, as evidenced by reviews of many customers. Taxi company Your line — professionals who are ready to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable.


Our advantages

We will inform you in advance of the fixed cost of your long-distance trip

One day before the trip, you will find out the make of the car and data on the driver

You can adjust the departure time in advance, as it is convenient for you

Canceling an order does not oblige you to anything, you just need to call the control room


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