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Minivan rental

Two couples with children — a small company. But to travel in such quantity or just to get to another city, the country by one car is quite difficult. For these purposes, our company offers a service called renting a minivan with a driver.

Minivan is a compact vehicle that comfortably accommodates 6-7 passengers. Its use allows you to efficiently use the budget of the trip. And renting a minivan with a professional driver gives all members of the group the opportunity to rest on the road.

Why you should order a service from us

Your line company has been engaged in long-distance travel for several years. Our staff is exclusively experienced drivers who can provide:

  • security;
  • timely arrival at the end point;
  • convenience on the road;
  • excellent service and customer service.

In addition, our fleet is extremely modern. Equipped with gadgets for a comfortable trip vehicles, in particular reliable Mercedes Vito / Viano, Renault Trafic, Volkswagen Multivan.

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Minivan intercity taxi

A tourist trip is a big company, the working trip as a group has its own nuances — pleasant and not very pleasant. Often the problem is a taxi call, because in standard cars there are only three passenger seats. In such cases, the actual service will be from our company — a minivan taxi in Kiev. The proposal has several advantages:

  • savings, because the payment will be exclusively for one car minivan taxi, and not a few;
  • transfer, even long-distance will ensure the comfort and safety of passengers;
  • transportation is possible in any locality — a minivan taxi in Kharkiv works as successfully as in the capital;
  • to order a taxi minivan, it is enough to have access to the Internet.

When the service is relevant

Taxi minivan to the airport is the most requested service. Order a minivan taxi in this case is relevant not only for a large group, but also in the presence of a large load. In the trunk of a regular car may not be enough space for this.

Taxi to the airport minivan is not the only popular option. Such a service may be needed by the film crew, wedding organizers, decorators, anyone with a team of more than three people and props. Taxi minivan is cheap in any of the cases.

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Our advantages

We will inform you in advance of the fixed cost of your long-distance trip

One day before the trip, you will find out the make of the car and data on the driver

You can adjust the departure time in advance, as it is convenient for you

Canceling an order does not oblige you to anything, you just need to call the control room

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